4-H Growing Field

Colorado 4-H has teamed up with Children’s Leadership Institute (A non-profit division of Growing Field International) to involve high school youth in an exciting new community service project. The project is called 4-H Growing Field.

Growing Field book series is designed to introduce youth of all ages to the ideas, concepts, and behaviors associated with personal growth, self-empowerment, self-esteem, and strong character. It is designed to help children understand that they can be whatever they want to be and help them learn to live life without limit.

All the seeds found in the Growing Field Children’s book series are designed to help children understand they can be whatever they want to be and help them learn to live life without limits. Mark Hoog gave each of the youth at LDC the first book, Your Song, and the lesson plan for that book. He challenged 4-H seniors to go to local elementary schools and read the book to as many students and classes as possible between 1st and 6th grade. The 4-H members at LDC left the event inspired and ready to start the project.

Gathering in Denver, 4-H members worked with Mark exploring ways to duplicate this program throughout the state and to develop six key leadership elements by sharing them with elementary students:

  1. Identifying personal gifts and talents
  2. Dreaming BIG dreams
  3. Creating and working for personal “seeds of success”
  4. Navigating adversity
  5. Courage to climb our “Magic Mountains”
  6. Understanding life’s greatest gift…giving

Growing FieldThe website www.4hgrowingfield.org is almost complete and is a collection of the best ideas presented at LDC: YouTube for training so we can not only go statewide…but nation-wide, online curriculum, Facebook to communicate and inspire one another as we go about inspiring the youngest in our communities, Online Evaluations for teachers to provide feedback on how we (and the elementary students) are doing. The site went live February 18, 2011.


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