Shooting Sports Promotional & Leader & Member Resources

"The following are educational items of interest for use by 4-H Shooting Sports members and leaders. If you have questions, contact Jim Hamilton at"

4-H Shooting Sports Promotional Resources:

4-H Shooting Sports Educational Resources:

Collegiate Shooting Programs
Muzzleloading Rifle Nipple Quandary
NRA Hunting Issues Web Site
NSSF: Where to Shoot Web Site
Find NRA Activities Near You!
NRA "inSights" Magazine: "The Gift" Article on 4-H Shooting Sports (1.15 mb. Adobe pdf)
4-H Shooting Sports Hunting Skills Curriculum & Challenge Event Outlines:
These items are DRAFT versions only and subject to change.
>>> SS Hunting Skills Curriculum Outline
>>> SS Hunting Skills Challenge Event Outline
Interesting Videos of Arrows in Flight (From Don Marr)
NMLRA Article on 4-H Shooting Sports and Mentoring
Guns & Ammo Magazine Article on 4-H Shooting Sports
ISE Shooting Games for the PC!
4-H Passport Qualification Program
Kids & Guns (Shooting Sports) (84 kb. PowerPoint)
Elements of a Risk Management Plan (Shooting Sports) (70 kb. PowerPoint)
Name This Sport (Shooting Sports) (22 kb. Adobe PDF)
4-H Shooting Sports Ethical Compass (html) or PowerPoint (614 kb.)