Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports Program Article

Find all you need to know about your 4-H Shooting Sports Project Record Books and Project Display Requirements right here!

Colorado 4-H SS e-Records & Project Display Requirements

Use this link to access the most current version of the Colorado 4-H e-Record and Shooting Sports Supplements. SS Project e-Records Scroll down to: General/Natural Resources 4-H Projects
  • For the Shooting Sports project, you will need to download the following to complete your recordkeeping requirements (NOTE: Only download the score sheets for the disciplines you are shooting this year.)
  • 4-H Project e-Record (in .doc or .rtf formats)
  • Shooting Sports Inventory Sheet
  • Air Pistol Score Sheet
  • Air Rifle Score Sheet
  • Archery Score Sheet
  • Muzzleloading Score Sheet
  • .22 Rifle Score Sheet
  • Shotgun Score Sheet
Use the links below to access the most current 4-H Shooting Sports Project exhibit requirements and guides for project and record completion.